About us

Our System

Our state of the art system, consists of a fully automated, wireless and manageable from any part of the world! We are the trendsetters with the first ever DVB-T system in the Caribbean, North,- and South America. The wireless box can be plugged in anywhere and will work from land and over water, so it's ideal for our yaghting customers. 

We have undergone all tests, and implemented security features and firewalls for this digital system, for which we offer 48 digital channels. We have four transmitter sites, located on the most common hills of St.Maarten: Fort Willem Hill, Cole Bay Hill, Naked Boy Hill and Point Blanche. With this system configuration we currently cover 90% of the island. We have great signal in the surrounding waters, such as Simpson Bay Lagoon, as well, so even from the Yachts we provide perfect usage!

Our Services

We provide 48 of the most watched digital TV programs through our Wireless DVB-T System. Yes!, this box is truly Wireless and works in Homes, Boats and Cars. The box can be rented for short term use, so it's ideal for our tourists! Major customers are the Large Hotels on St.Maarten. The system is innovative and easy to install!. 

Set up is easy! All you need to do is connect the setup box to your TV via a RCA or HDMI cable, and connect an antenna, indoor or outdoors. Customers can easily intall the box themselves, but we also provide a FREE installation Service. We offer different channel packages, such as basic-, sports-, HBO- and living packages. For our senior citizens we offer a DISCOUNT of $5.00 for the basic package. Programming is in English, Dutch, Spanish, French, Indian and Haitian. Read more about our various packages.

Easy Payment

WTN Cable is the most affordable cable provider on St.Maarten! On top of that, it is also the most convenient wireless system, portable and easy to install! We also make it a great payment system to convenience our customers!. 

No more standing in long lines to pay your cable bill! Besides cash payments over the counter, we also accept credit card payments and bank transfers. If you wish, you may pay for the entire year or for short term periods. Rental Service is also available.

Our Future

WTN Cable is always busy improving the service for our customers. We are constantly working on adding more Power to the system for stronger signals. 

Soon we will be adding more programs to the excisting packages and our Boxes will be available in Major Distribution Points throughout the island, such as large supermarkets and department stores. Before long we will be able to install on Saba and Statia as well, so WTN Cable is moving Forward Quickly!